The Best Newsletter, People Are Saying

The Best Newsletter, People Are Saying

Initially I thought of this site as the newsletter complement to The Un-Diplomatic Podcast. A lot of what we talk about on the show deserves more engagement than we can give in a 60-90 minute recording. So here we are.

I also write at the Duck of Minerva, which is a primo blog about international relations. I've always been proud of my affiliation with the Duck because it was really important in my figuring out how to be a scholar. I was doing my PhD part-time, so I lacked a lot of the social insights about academic life, and wasn't sure what was "hot" in the field except through the Duck. Anyway, I plan on cross-posting here excerpts and links to what I write there. But some of what I write about is askew of international relations, and some of what I want to say is of a style that would maybe tarnish the Duck's brand. So here we are.

This, from the About Us page, is what this newsletter is about:

Power-political, "great game" bullshit is by and for elites. That would be fine except that it comes at the expense of workers. The price that working class folks pay for rich-man geopolitics ranges from being the victims of upward wealth redistribution to being funneled into wars of questionable merit to serve as cannon fodder. Most foreign policy analysis has a giant blind spot when it comes to the "common man" and I'd like that to change.

So that's what you can expect. This'll work just like Substack, except the platform hosting this site is a nonprofit. If you subscribe, which for now is free, you get emails about new posts, guest posts, podcast summaries, etc. It's all literally same same as a free Substack newsletter, but the interface here looks more professional.

Even though I plan on sharing plenty of personal news and status updates and such here, I'd like this to be a community hub for like-mindeds (and people spying on me/us). Welcome!