New Episode Drop: Raging Against the Foreign Policy Convo

New Episode Drop: Raging Against the Foreign Policy Convo

Was finally able to record a new "variety" episode of the pod with my co-hosts. We hadn't been together since early December so there was much in the news to cover.  

Podcast Audio here.

I have some great interview episodes lined up for the next month or so, but in the meantime, enjoy Kate, Hunter, and I covering down on:

--Whether the "Rage Against the War Machine" rally in Washington is really all that antiwar.

--Why Cambodia is a great example of how we're failing on foreign policy--a problem we make worse by our inattention and inability to think outside liberal internationalism. (I've written elsewhere about how to think about this false framing of human rights versus national security in Cambodia and across Asia, and how to use economic statecraft to get past that)

--Why racial capitalism is more than a phrase, and why understanding it is the only way to get past treating the principle of equality as a vibe. (Also see the original author's rebuttal to old New Leftist Michael Walzer from a couple years ago)

--How to think about Biden's strange record of major public investment at home with trying to re-write the rules of global order abroad. I have concerns. Big ones.

--The one thing that all career civil servants in the US government should be worried about...

--Whether Biden's Middle East "doctrine" recently announced at the Atlantic Council is anything more than rhetorical obfuscation.

Full video here: