Pacific Power Paradox Versus Mearsheimer and Kagan

Pacific Power Paradox Versus Mearsheimer and Kagan

I did my book launch at the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy recently, and there's both video and audio of the event below (audio quality is much better on the podcast version than on the video, but the video gives you something to look probably knew that).

The host of the event did a great job asking tough questions. In addition to directly answering what the "Pacific Power Paradox" is and explaining the origins of the book, I had to answer:

 --Why John Mearsheimer is wrong when he says the "driving force behind this great-power rivalry is structural, which means that the problem cannot be eliminated with clever policymaking."

 --Why Robert Kagan is wrong when he says that stability requires US primacy (and why one should always be suspect of advice from anyone who advocated for invading Iraq).

 --Why "deterrence" is a non-answer to the dilemma of stability in the Taiwan Strait.

 --Why America's margin for geopolitical error is less than it's been in generations, maybe ever.

 --How allies should think about Sino-US rivalry.

Podcast of the event: (also available wherever you get podcasts)

Video of the event: