Welcome to the Un-Diplomatic universe...

Un-Diplomatic is a newsletter committed to thinking through a foreign policy opposed to oligarchs, militarists, and other scumbags who have undue influence over our dystopian world politics. I'm ultimately interested in peace, but getting there requires taking issues of power seriously.

To put it plainly, power-political, "great game" bullshit is by and for elites at the expense of workers. The price that working class folks pay for rich-man geopolitics ranges from being the victims of upward wealth redistribution to being funneled into wars of questionable merit to serve as cannon fodder. Most foreign policy analysis has a giant blind spot when it comes to the "common man" and I'd like that to change.

The newsletter is also meant to be a complement to my show, The Un-Diplomatic Podcast, which has a similar vibe. From time to time, I'll use the newsletter to expound on show notes and such.

I have a personal site where you can get a deeper sense of my background if that's your thing. I was a career national security technocrat and "defense intellectual" before becoming a scholar. But during the Trump years, I had a number of experiences (and minor epiphanies) that added up to a transformation of how I think about security and geopolitics; I gradually became one of the national security state's more vocal critics as a consequence.

If you subscribe to this newsletter, you'll get emails delivering new posts, guest posts, podcast summaries, etc. If there's enough interest in premium content and starting a book club, I'll introduce a paid level to forge an un-diplomatic community. We can read shit together and talk about it! But for now enjoy for free.

If you want to syndicate or republish anything that appears on this site, just hit me up with a request. ✌️

--Van Jackson