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Chinese Capitalism v. Debt Geopolitics w/ Shahar Hameiri

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Chinese Capitalism v. Debt Geopolitics w/ Shahar Hameiri

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  • Why is “debt-trap diplomacy” nothing more than an anti-China meme?

  • Why is the geopolitical interpretation of Chinese overseas lending wrong, and what does that suggest about US/Western estimates of China’s intentions?

  • Why do Chinese firms hate writing down unpayable debts?

  • And why do smaller developing nations rarely benefit from international financial competition?

I sat down with the great Shahar Hameiri to discuss all that and more in the latest episode of the pod.

Shahar and Lee’s piece, “China, International Competition, and the Stalemate in Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Beyond Geopolitics.” 

Shahar Hameiri and Lee Jones, Fractured China: How State Transformation is Shaping China’s Rise.

Deborah Brautigaum, “A critical look at Chinese ‘debt-trap diplomacy’: the rise of a meme.”

Shahar Hameiri and Lee Jones, “Debunking the Myth of Debt-Trap Diplomacy.”


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