May 26 • 37M

Is Fukuyama Liberalism the End of History? Chat w/ Daniel Bessner

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I’ve released a couple quick-take monologues for this newsletter that are separate from The Un-Diplomatic Podcast. But it dawned on me that I should give paid subscribers early access to episodes of the pod (The show is free, but bankrolled by this newsletter).

So from now on, I’m going to try and give paid subscribers a little added bonus, releasing episodes before the public gets them on their various listening platforms.

This one was fun, and one that friends of the pod have been requesting for a while—like over a year. Daniel Bessner is a man that courts controversy, often doing intellectual battle both with liberals and within the American left.

But he’s wicked smart. And he finds Fukuyama’s brand of liberalism riddled with contradictions and unworkable premises that amount to apologias for the ruling class.

Even though I agree with a lot of what he says, I find that you don’t listen to him so that you can validate your priors; you listen so you can be challenged, and perhaps entertained.

Enjoy this one ahead of the masses!


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